Vibration Measurements

vibxpertWe perform vibration measurements at the customer and on our renovated spindles and other engineering equipment. The instrument we use is a VibXpert 1 of PRÜFTECHNIK in Germany. With this instrument it is possible to do condition test to find bearing damage and imbalance.

A good way is to annually make measurements, you can prevent unnecessary breakdowns and costly downtime. After each measurement, analyzed all results of us so we can give a full report. A good way to condition test a machine before buying a used machine.

Imbalance of spindles are often the cause of breakdowns and shortened lifespan. With our instruments, so we are able to balance the spindles mounted in the machine. It is often so mounted parts as a switch and pulleys that cause imbalance. We can balance on two levels, which means that both remhjulsända and spindle nose can be balanced simultaneously.

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